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Singing for Children is a Gala Benefit Concert at

Singing for Children | Time and Place

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The Mission: To raise money for three targeted charities that are helping to rebuild entire communities ravaged by Hurricane Maria, the Sonoma County Wine Country fires, and the historic Thomas Fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. These charities are:

Habitat for Humanity of Greater LA

Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County

Casa Pueblo and its financial affiliate HASER in Puerto Rico

Each of the three charities will receive an equal one-third of the net concert proceeds (after expenses). Please visit our Funding Beneficiaries page for more information about these outstanding organizations and their restorative work.

Why This Concert Now?

Even though the natural disasters that plagued all three of the regions took place in the last half of 2017, the affected communities are still reeling from the aftermath of that devastation. In our world of 24-hour news cycles, once the immediacy has passed, disaster can easily become “out of sight, out of mind”. The general public felt distressed over what happened in each of these regions, but coping with the long-term effects often is left up to the individual communities. Yes, many well-known celebrities have made appeals to their followers to give towards the relief effort. But with the recoveries still ongoing, efforts to assist in restoring the former way of life must continue energetically for a good while.

Thus, our creative team conceived the plan for this concert of operatic stars to help raise money for these very worthy causes. “Singing for Children” will enable donors and ticket holders, of all types, to continue to make their voices heard — and, in the process, to be treated to a spectacular evening of operatic voices.

Artists and Program:

Singing for Children: Opera Stars in Concert” is guaranteed to be a star-studded night with many internationally renowned opera stars performing for a very worthy cause. To learn more about our artists, please visit Our Artists page for photos and biographies.

The actual program will be announced by mid-August. The program certainly will consist of at least one aria from each artist and a number of other duets and other ensembles. We hope to conclude the concert with a full-cast performance of the inspiring “Make Our Garden Grow”, the finale of Leonard Bernstein’s Candide. To learn more about the Gala Concert program, visit our Concert Program page.

Where Will The Concert Take Place?

The Ambassador Auditorium is the best place in Southern California for classical music, with 1,262 seats and glorious acoustics. Many great artists over the years have given recitals there. To learn more about this iconic venue for music, please visit our Ambassador Auditorium page.

Who Is Making This Concert Happen?

Any undertaking of this magnitude needs several key people to ensure its success. Firstly, Classical Artist Services of California is the fiscal agent for this concert. CASC is a non-profit corporation with tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). Thus, contributions by donors will be fully deductible in accordance with current law. To read more about CASC, please visit our CASC page.

Secondly, we have assembled a team of administrative, artistic and musical specialists to produce this concert. The three principals are Joanne Barnes, Executive Producer; James K. Cameron, Artistic Director and Co-Producer; and Catherine Miller, Music Director. Each brings a wealth of experience to this venture. To learn more about our Creative Team, please visit our Creative Team page.

Gala Concert Tickets

Ticket sales for “Singing with Children: Opera Stars in Concert” will begin starting approximately August 15, 2018. To purchase tickets and to learn more about seating options at the Ambassador Auditorium, please visit our Tickets page.

Why Should People Become Donors and Sponsors?

All contributions to Singing for Children, whether those of major patrons and sponsors or those from donors in other amounts, will be divided equally (after concert expenses) among the three designated charitable recipients. In addition, major patrons and sponsors will receive benefits commensurate with their various levels of donations – these will include preferred seating at the Ambassador Auditorium. There will also be a hosted reception at the Ambassador, immediately following the concert, for the artists and all of the sponsors. Details about the different levels of sponsorship and related recognition and benefits can be found on our Become a Donor page.

We also are organizing a Gala Committee to help with the fundraising effort and, where appropriate, assist with the execution of various components before, during, and immediately following the Concert. Details about our Committee and its members may be found on our Concert Committee page.

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